Green energy from the waves in the canary island

An innovative system of buoys through which you can generate 137% more energy than existing mechanisms, is the firm commitment with which the Spanish company Pipo Systems wants to revolutionize energy production through the endless movement of the waves. This APC-wave system, PISYS, unique in the world has been patented by the national firm established in 2002. Its president, Abel Cururella, has been the alma mater of this idea come to life after a long and painstaking work
The potential of this new alternative is very high. Calculations estimate that a buoy with an installed capacity of 800 kilowatts can generate 3.25 gigawatt hours / year of electricity. And the benefits do not stop there: with five buoys marine park with a total of 1 megawatt could desalinate about 200 cubic meters of water per day and supply a population of about 3,000 people without power cost or dioxide emissions carbon, and with considerable savings over current rates.
In this field of desalination Pipo systems  works with Acciona Agua as  technology partner . Uniting the best water purification salt system with the best energy converters ocean waves is achieved by reverse osmosis desalination cleaner and sustainable.
Pipo Systems calculations, backed by several studies, indicate that for every megawatt of installed wave power can create ten jobs directly, which would be an important employment niche. The buoys also have applications for oceanographic research, maritime surveillance and control.
The island of Gran Canaria, namely Telde coastline, has been the location for the installation of the pilot buoy and are already getting the data from this test. The project has the support of the program Wave Energy Impact (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) and the European FEDER funds, and until now, has invested 14 million euros. The APC-PISYS system has also had involvement the GRETS research group at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, engineering Anortec and Canary Islands Oceanic Platform (Plocan).
Studies place Spain as one of the world’s countries with the greatest potential in the production of wave energy, with a generating capacity of six percent at European level and utilization levels of 290 gigawatts in the East Coast and 30 gigawatts on the Mediterranean coast. Galicia, the Cantabrian Sea, north of the Canary Islands and the Gulf of Cadiz are the areas of the country, with more potential.
The ‘secret’ system
The PISYS APC-system comprises a surface buoy, a submerged buoy and a variable volume positioning buoy which houses the control elements of the generation and power measurement, and which allows to maintain a constant depth through a system of mooring to the seabed. The goal is to convert the motion of sea waves into electric energy for transport and subsequent stabilization and ground supply.
To optimize the system, on the surface buoy are placed oceanographic measurement towers, which will measure the direction and strength of the winds or the emission of hydrocarbons. Once installed the system at sea, Pipo Systems is planning environmental studies to compare and demonstrate that the system does not affect the marine environment.
In fact, the future exploitation of this energy will be through the creation of  wave energy marine parks off-shore, with imperceptible impact on the landscape and environment with few environmental affectations.
The Spanish government, through the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, the collaboration between private and public administrations also highlights the positive effects of this type of energy that is produced without using inexhaustible resources and polluti
We are talking about an energy system to meet a global need in those places where coast and particularly on islands. Countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile and others have shown much interest to be a clean energy which is a cheaper cost. 

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